Features & Benefits

  • Magnifying screen enlarges 3x for easy viewing
  • Built-in LED light for instant illumination
  • Extra large viewing screen rotates 180 degrees so you can position it for the best angle
  • Free standing so your hands are free to focus on details
  • 3X Magnification
  • Built-In LED Light
  • Rotates 360 Degrees

No More

Juggling Hand-Held Magnifiers!

No More Jugling Hand-Held Magnifiers! Order Now!

Brighter Viewer™ is Great For All This & MORE!

    • Use Brighter Viewer™ to check text messages

      Checking text messages

    • Use Brighter Viewer™ to find crossword clues

      Magnifying crossword clues

    • Use Brighter Viewer™ for crafts and hobbies

      Working on crafts & hobbies

    • Use Brighter Viewer™ to read detailed charts

      Reading detailed charts

    • Use Brighter Viewer™ while threading needles

      Threading Needles

    • Use Brighter Viewer™ to read recipes while cooking

      Reading recipes while cooking

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You will receive your Brighter Viewer™ for just $14.95 plus $6.95 processing and handling and a second Brighter Viewer™ for only $5.95 processing & handling! You'll also get a FREE COMPACT VIEWER with every order! Each offer ordered today totals to $27.85.
Or, you can upgrade to the Silver color Brighter Viewer™ with double strength LED & microfiber cleaning cloth for just $5 more for each BRIGHTER VIEWER™. Each upgraded offer ordered today totals to $37.85.

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